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Favourite Places in and around Tyrol – Part II

Part II of one of my favourite blog post series: my personal most loved places in and around Tyrol. I have already written one post about it (click here to check it out) and with this post, I wanna share with you four places, you can all visit in one day. All the places are around Garmisch, a small town in Germany, close to the border to Tyrol. If you want to check out the first part of this series, click here.

I cannot believe, how beautiful this lake is. I have seen so many pictures, but the green-blue water is even more beautiful in real life. There were quite a few tourists and photographers, so I can recommend you, to be there early in the morning.

Schloss Neuschwanstein
When you are at Eibsee it is only 20 minutes by car to one of the most famous castles in the world. It is said that the disney castle is inspired by it. Although, it is absolutely amazing, there are way too many tourists! When you go there, make sure, to be there early in the morning and go there in spring or autumn and not in summer, when even more people travel there. When you go for a 15 minute walk to the Marienbrücke, you can get a wonderful view over the castle

Highline 179
This is one of the longest highlines in Austria and omg, I was so scared walking over it. You pay 8€ and have as much time as you want, take pictures, enjoy the nature around and the castle Ehrenberg is just next to the highline. I was there last summer and had an awesome time there. And another famous instagram spot is just a few minutes away:

This lake is so close to Highline 179, you just have to see both in one go! The lake is really beautiful and the small shack is one of the most famous once on Instagram. I have been there twice in my life, and next time I wanna be there around dawn to catch an epic sunrise there.

I hope you liked today´s blog post and it inspired some of you to go on adventures around there home town. For me it is a great way to get the feeling of freedom and “high on life” when I cannot travel because of my studies. If you want more posts about how to feel more adventurous when you cannot travel for a few months/weeks, feel free to let me know in the comments.
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

Favourite Places in and around Tyrol – Part I

I always lived in Tyrol (except from the five months, I spent in Vienna) and eventhough, I kinda know that I will not live here forever, I love it. I really enjoy being so close to nature, to be surrounded by the mountains and some awesome sightss are just a few hours away by car. With this post I wanna share my favourite onces with you.

Reintaler See / Berglsteiner See
Just around 1,5 hours away from Innsbruck you can get to the Reintaler See with the bus. It is a really beautiful lake, but even more I liked the Berglsteiner See – only 45 minutes away and it is a really nice walk there! It is quite a small lake but beautiful and absolutely calming. I was there in March and so there were not that many people which made the whole trip even more relaxing.

Lago di Braies
I found this place on Instagram around two years ago and since then I always wanted to be there. My boyfriend and I went there in March and I can recommend you not to do the same as the lake was still covered in ice and snow. However, it was still really beautiful and I really want to travel there a second time in summer or autumn. If you want, you can also check out my blogpost about my trip there here.

This lake is also a real famous place on Instagram and since I went there last year, I totally know why. The place is really beautiful and if you go for a walk, a bit away from the crowds, it is also calming and relaxing. In summer you can also rent a boat and in several blogposts, I read about some natural pools close to the lake.

Eventhough, this small town is a bit far away from Tyrol – it is close enough to get there in one day and back! Yes, Hallstatt is a bit overcrowded but it is still really beautiful and I really liked the view from the other side of the lake over Hallstatt. If you are interested in Hallstatt and think about heading there by yourself, then check out my post about this cute little town here.

I hope you liked today travel post, and I already started to make a second part of the “Beautiful places in and around Tyrol” series. Have you ever been in Tyrol or close to it? If you have any recommandations, please let me know in the comments as I already look for new travel inspiration!
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

Lago di Braies

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better

-Albert Einstein

This lake was on my bucketlist for a really long time. I found this place on instagram and since then I really wanted to travel there. The lake is in south tyrol and only 2,5 hours away from where I live.

Because my boyfriend and I do not own a car, we took the train an then the bus to get there. There is a special ticket for 15€ per person and with it, you can take any regional bus or train in south tyrol 24hours. We did not know that before, so we paid much more (around 40€ each)
We got to the lake quite early (around 9am) and so there were only a few people there. Later the day the place got a bit crowded as many tourists arrived. I cannot imagine, how many people will be there in summer!!

Eventhough the area around the lake is really beautiful, I was a bit disappointed because the lake was still covered in snow and ice. I knew that this would be possible, however, I did not want to believe that by the end of March, there would still be that much snow. We made the best out of it and went for a walk around the lake, took some pictures and later had a coffee in a hotel right next to the lake.
I really liked it there, and although, I am happy to tick this place off my bucketlist, I will for sure go back in May or even late summer to enjoy the real beauty of the Lago di Braies.

Have you ever been to the Lago di Braies? If not, it definitely should be on your list. I cannot wait to explore more beautiful places around my area and a few adventures are still planned and yet to come!
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

Turkey Travel Diary

I still cannot believe that I spent 6 days in beautiful Turkey last week. This trip to Istanbul & Cappadocia was on my bucketlist for so long and I am so happy to can finally tick it off. I wanna share with you all the accomodations we (my boyfriend & I) stayed and the things we went to see and experienced.

Flights and Accomodation

We flew from Munich to Istanbul. The airport Sabiha Gökcen is quite far away from the city centre of Istanbul, so I recommend you to book a shuttle service in advance (many hotels offer one around 15€).
For the first two days we stayed at the Sultan Hostel, only 5 minutes away from the Hagia Sophia. It was really cheap – we paid 24€ per night for a double bedroom. Yes, it wasn´t the biggest room and the breakfast did not offer that many options. However, it was clean and for this price and location, you cannot hope for the biggest comfort.
After two days we took a flight to Cappadocia. We landed in Kayseri and a shuttle service – we booke it in advance – picked us up and drove us directly to our hotel in Göreme, the Travel Inn Cave Hotel. This time it is quite necessary to book a shuttle service because Göreme is about 1,5 hours away from the airport. There are many hotels in Göreme but I really loved ours and the stuff was absolutely nice and welcoming.
After another two days in Göreme we flew back to Istanbul for the last day where we stayed in The Raymond Hotel. We booked a budget double bed room, but luckily we got a free upgrade to the standard version. The room was really big and beautifully furnitured. Sadly, we could not try the breakfast the next morning, because our flight back home took off to early for it.
All in all, we spent 420€ for all accomodations and flights together. I think this is not that expensive, eventhough, I know that we could have spent less if we stayed in cheaper hostels (in Istanbul are hostels for only 8€ per night in a dorm room).

What to see and do in Istanbul

There are so many amazing things to experience in beautiful Istanbul and sadly we did not have that much time in the city. However, because everything is quite close to each other, we got to see most of it. I recommend you to start your day really early (everything opens around 9am and make sure, you are there around 15 minutes earlier!

  • Hagia Sophia: This mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. Make sure to be there early in the morning and take yourself some time to really enjoy all the amazing details and the impressive architecture. The entrence fee is around 60 Lira and it is totally worth it! Another information: you do not have to wear headscarf but make sure to cover up your shoulders and legs.
  • The Blue Mosque: It is also called the Sultan-Ahmed Mosque and it is just across from the Hagia Sophia. If you are there in summer, make sure to bring some socks with you because you have to take off your shoes at the entrence and I do not believe that you want to walk through it barefoot. You do not have to pay anything to get in, but you need to wear a headscarf which you can get at the entrence.
  • Seven Hills Hotel: Even if we did not stay there, we made time to go there for having tea in the morning and to take some pictures on the rooftop restaurant. It is such a beautiful place with a wonderful view over the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.
  • Cisterna Basilika: Since reading Inferno from Dan Brown, I wanted to see this magical place. You have to pay 20 Lira to get in and if you are there in the morning, the queue is usually not that long. It is dark, gloomy and can be a bit cold, so make sure to wear a warmer jacket or a scarf.
  • Topkapi Palace: The palace just next to the Hagia Sophia, is an amazing place if you are interested in turkish culture and history. The architecture and relics of bygone times are impressive and colourful. The entrence fee is 60 Lira which is around 10€. The price is totally worth it and if you go there in fall/winter there might not be that many tourists, so you can really take your time!
  • The Great Bazaar: Take time if you go to visit The Great Bazaar because you might get lost in between all the shops. While walking through the bazaar which is more like a huge labyrinth, sellers will shout their offers and will invite you to try some Turkish Delight, coffee or buy plates, lamps and clothes. Make sure to try some things and talk to the people. Eventhough, they try to sell you something, they are all really friendly and do not hesitate to deal at the price – it is all part of the game and quite fun!
  • Büyük Valide Han: This place is quite hidden and not that many people know about it. It is a hidden art café with a rooftop, just next to The Great Bazaar. Although, you will find Büyük Valide Han on GoogleMaps (make sure to set a pin there!), the stairway to the rooftop is around the corner and there is also no sign, so just ask someone. Sadly the roofto was closed because of restoration work when we where there, but we enjoyed a delicious cup of the in the café
  • Galatar Tower: The tower is on another island and you can get there easily by crossing the bridge or taking a ferry. This iconic tower is easy to get to – just follow the signs. We did not get in because the queue was a bit too long and it was also raining. However, the area around is really nice and there is also a turkish-german bookshop and café really close by.

What to do and see in Cappadocia

We just had one and a half days in beautiful Göreme, Cappadocia, but I am convinced that we got to experience most of it and the days we stayed there will forever have a special place in my heart. Now I wanna share with you the things we loved to do and why I believe that the famous ballon ride should not be on top of your list if you go there:

  • Hot air Ballons: It was my dream since years to do that, but when we arrived in Cappadocia, every tour was booked out. However, looking back it was one of the best things that could have happened to us. In the morning before we sunrise we walked up the hill and watched the sunrise with all the ballons up in the air. When a ballon passed the hill, we saw that the basket was filled with over 30 tourists and that was the moment, we were so grateful that it did not work out for us to take the ride! On the ground it was so relaxing and we had lots of time to take pictures and enjoy the moment.
  • Horse Riding: Because my boyfriend and I try to incorporate one special adventure in every trip and the one we planned for our stay in Turkey (the hot air ballon ride) did not work out, we had to change plans and find another adventure instead. We decided to go horse riding and we booked the tour over our hotel. It was an extraordinary experience. Our guide was really nice and the ride lasted for 2 hours through the Red Valley of Cappadocia.
  • Pigeon Valley: After horse riding we still had some time left and decided to go for a walk through Pigeon Valley. It is really amazing and the landscape looks absolutely stunning.

I hope you liked this blog post and maybe it inspired you to travel to beautiful turkey. This was for sure one of my favourite adventures as I loved the for me completely new culturel. The people there were so friendly and welcoming and the food was absolutely delicious (a seperate blog post will come up soon, I promise). Let me know, if you have been in Turkey yet or plan to visit!

Food Guide Vienna

Eventhough I am really happy with my decision to leave Vienna and move back to Innsbruck, I know that I will miss all the amazing restaurants, bakeries and coffee places. In these five months I lived here in Vienna, I had the chance to try out some of them. Here are my all time favourites:

Simply Raw Bakery
For people who follow a vegan or raw diet, or just for someone who likes to eat healthy and light, this lovely bakery in the first district of Vienna, is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or have a nice break in between. They have several sweet and savory meals and simply the best are the raw cupcakes they offer.

Only 3minutes away from Brass Monkey you can find this little coffee place. They offer different cakes, tartlets and muffins every new week. Eventhough, it is not that big, every visit is totally worth it. I can totally recommend you, to try the vegan peanut butter cake or the chocolate brownie.

Das Glashaus
This charming restaurant is in the second district, just next to where I lived. It is a bit more expensive but the food there is really delicious and the interior there is just amazing. They have also vegetarian dishes on their menu and I can really recommend to try the pumkin risotto – it is delicious!

Brass Monkey
This place is really small and they are famous for their cupcakes. They also always have on or two vegan options, like the peanutbutter one I had when I was there.

Fett & Zucker
This café is in the 2nd district not far away from the station “Taborstraße”. If you go there, you definitly have to try their vegan carrot cake, it is simply the best one I have ever tasted!

My Solo Adventures

Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life changing experience of your life

I am loving the encouraging, vivid feeling of travelling. It leaves me speechless, makes me feel happy and alive. Every travel experience is an adventure itself, however, travelling solo taught me so many things about myself, life and the value of it. I already wrote a blogpost about the reasons why I love travelling on my own, click here to read it and hopefully get inspired! This time I want to share with you my most exciting adventures I had while I discovered some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Copenhagen, Denmark
This was my first solo trip and OMG, I felt so lonely and lost. However, I loved it anyway. I was there for about a week and it was really exciting. I loved to be independent and free. I could do whatever I want and I liked to just sit in a café and enjoy a good cup of coffee while watching others and writing in my journal.

Valletta, Malta
This was my second adventure where I was an independet traveller, only two months after my trip to Copenhagen. This time it was not so much about sightseeing and more about relaxing and enjoying the heat and the sea.

London & Italy
This was my longest solo travel. First I flew to London where I spent 5 awesome days. Afterwards I took a plane straight to Rome. The following week was an amazing experience. I bought myself the interrail ticket for Italy and traveled from Rome to Cinque Terre, to Venice and then home. I loved the mixture of this adventure and I cannot believe that I was brave enough to do it.

Dublin, Ireland
Last year in February I flew to Dublin to spent a few days there. But I did not only stayed in the city, I also did some day trips to Northern Ireland and Galway. I booked these tours over and I just can highly recommened it to each and everyone. I loved Ireland for its beautiful landscape, culture and amazingly friendly people.

New York, New York
This was my biggest and most exciting adventure I have ever gone off. It was my first time outside of Europe and since I watched Gossip Girl I always wanted to be in New York. I still cannot believe I was there and even I have been there for 10 days I have to admit, ten days where simply not enough. Maybe you are also thinking about travelling to New York City, so I will link my travel guide for this amazing city here and if you are looking for some delicious food inspo, click here.

I hope you liked this little throwback to my solo adventures. Hopefully it inspired you and please feel free to let me know in the comments which your favourite solo travel experience was or if you plan on in the future!

Reasons to Travel Solo

There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of your solo journey.

-Mandy Hale

I love travelling; it does not matter if it is with friends, my family or my boyfriend. I am convinced that every journey can be rewarding, offering experiences and can create a memory lasting for a lifetime. However, travelling solo can be an extraordinary adventure.

You will focus more on the destination. Being alone in another country forces you to interact more with your surroundings. It helps to build vivid memories as your attention is focused on everything going on around you.

You get the chance to interact more with others. Whether you are looking for human connection or not, being on your own in an unknown country, can lead to a great conversation or the beginning of an amazing friendship. I am still in contact with some people I met during my travels.

Change your plans whenever you want. There is nobody you have to rely on. Every decision you make is just about what you want.

Traveling alone builds confidence. Traveling solo can be lonely and unconvenient. But going out, feeling lost and putting yourself back together. Travelling gave me so much strength and confidence and luckily, I was able to carry this feeling with me back home.

You can learn more about yourself. When you go out to see the world just by yourself, you will face a lot of struggles. Although, this can sometimes be demanding, it helps to find out who you really are and what you really want in life. You have so much time to think about your life, your future and who you wanna become.

Maybe this post inspired some of you to risk it and follow your heart to start your own solo adventure out there. I really want to write more about travelling and going on adventures on your own. If you wish to read about a certain topic about travelling, or have a recommandation, please feel free to leave a comment down below.