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Perfect Morning Routine

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up

If you start your day right, you can achieve far more during the day. Start fresh, healthy and grateful. Start with the right intention and believe me, anything else will fall into places. But how to do that? Let me share my favourite hacks to build up a healthy, sustainable morning routine:

Wake up early
I know that some of you might not want to here that, but waking up an hour earlier, you can tick of far more points from your to do list. Also you will feel much more productive.

Waking up early brings me straight to my next point – try to incorporate some sort of exercise in the morning. It may sound hard to do, but having a morning workout helps to feel more energized, full of endorphines for the day. It is also easier to achieve your fitness goals because “what is done, is done” and you have the rest of your day free for anything else.

Meditate and Journal
You can ever do this in the morning or in the evening, however, I like to set my intentions for the day straight after waking up. It really helps to achieve my goals and clear my head. In order to be relaxed and have a free mind, I lately started to meditate at least for five minutes. Another tip is to write down at least 5 things you are grateful for every morning. In this way you will develop a far better mindset and nothing seems that negative any more.

This is one of my favourite points on this list because I am a huge breakfast lover. I love to treat myself with a delicious bowl of oats and since a few weeks I also like to have a smoothie bowl as a light breakfast. Although, I really love eating breakfast, I normally have it after my workout before I leave the house. Before my exercises I normally just have a glass of water and sometimes a cup of coffee.

These are just some tips and hacks I try to incorporate in my morning routine on a daily basis. However, I know that while travelling or while stressful times it is not always that easy to stick to a routine – and that is totally okay as long as you are able to find back to it after a certain amount of time! I hope you liked today´s postfor Selfcare Sunday (click here to check out all posts published in this categorie) and feel free to share (parts) of your morning routine in the comments<3<3