Reading Diary: April 2019

…a Book is like a Garden, carried in a Pocket…

-an Ancient Chinese Proverb

I am so sorry that my reading diary for last months comes this late, but I had so much going on lately. But I finally got some time to write all my books from last month down.

Golden Cage – Camilla Läckberg
When I got this book, I was a bit sceptical as I normally do not like stories like this. However, from the first page on, I was enthralled by the story. I do not wanna spoil you, I just want to tell you what it is about.
Basically, the book is about love, cheating and revenge. The book has so many turning points that you cannot imagine what will happen next – I really loved that!

Get your shit together – Sarah Knight
Who can relate to the feeling of having a long list of things to do, but sitting on the coach and procrastinating instead? If your answer is yes, then this book is totally a must-read for you. This guide will help you to finally start with your projects you are always putting off. Knight keeps it real from the first page and sums up perfectly what the book really is about: „(This book) is more of a let-me-help-you-help-yourself-help book, with „me“ here to „help“ when your „self“ gets in the way. Let’s face it- if you could help yourself, you’d have done it by now, right? „

Der Junge der Glück brachte – Nicholas Vega („The boy who brings luck“)
This book is only available in german (at least I could not find a english version anywhere). I really liked the story and the easy language that is used. The book is about Lynette, still suffering from her mother´s death, and Jeronimus, who only exists inside a book and is only mission is to help others. In a magical way, their two stories cross and everything changes. I loved the way the book deals with loss, death, trust and friendship.

I really liked this month readings and I really hope, you liked them as well and they inspired you to go and grap them for yourself. Is reading something you like? For me, it is nothing but easy to find time to sit down and read a good book when exams are coming up and life gets stressful. Do you have some tips for me? If yes, feel free to share them in the comments. I am really looking forward to read your hacks!
I wish you lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

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