The Power of Self-Talk

It is not what we say out loud that determines our lives. It is what we whisper to ourselves that has the most power.

When you feel like failing or when something doesn´t work out the way you want it, who do you blame for? Have you ever find yourself starring at yourself in the mirror and calling yourself ugly, fat and worthless? Today I wanna challenge you to observe your internal dialogue and recognize when you speak to yourself in an unkind way. For sure, we all have moments of self-deprecation, however, too often we are way to hard on ourselves.

Yes, everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect but we have to change our perspective and give ourselve time and the chance to work things out. Although, somebody may act quite confident on the outside, we never know, what goes on in this person´s mind.

When a child makes a mistake, would you call it a failure? Would you walk up to a stranger and call him/her ugly or fat? You would never do it. It is so easy to be kind to others, but we also have to be kind and loving to ourselves. Don´t look at yourself in a hateful way – look at yourself with eyes of a stranger. Let yourself be proud of what you have accomplished, be proud of what you have and what you have become. Forget that you do not like your nose, your legs or the way you laugh. Nobody is 100% satisfied with their body, but everyone has so much to offer. We are all unique in our own way and we have to be proud of our uniqueness.

no tumblr quote, no motivational speech, no mental coach will live your life for you…

We all have to face troubles in life and sometimes a challenge seems to be impossible to overcome. But with this mindset, we will not successed: We have to clap for ourselves, be our own biggest supporter and our own inspiration – no tumblr quote, no motivational speech, no mental coach will live your life for you. It is all up to you!

So change your mindset, change the way you talk to yourself. Be your own cheerleader! Say „I can do this“. Say „I am beautiful“. Say „I am proud of who I have become„. Life is the greatest gift you will ever get, live it to the fullest.

…be mindful of your self-talk. It´s a conversation with the Universe

-David James Lees

Another important aspect I wanna add is, the power of the Law of Attraction in connection with a positive or negativ self-talk. The Law of Attraction says, that whatever we send out, comes back to us. With our thoughts and repeated affirmations we can manifest our future. If we talk to ourselves in a negative way, this is what we manifest and our negative thoughts will become our reality. But we can also use the Law positively: Telling ourselves that we matter, that we are talented and that we are proud of who we are and our success, we attract positive vibes and we will find ourselves in a positive surrounding.

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