5 Reasons to Travel to Turkey

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you feel comfortable

I know, I already shared a post about my trip to Turkey which I took in February (click here to check it out). However, I am still – even after two months – amazed by all the experiences and the culture I was able to dive into. I want to dedicate this post to one of my new favourite countries and to the friendly and welcoming peole we met there. I wanna share with you five reasons to book your next trip to Turkey:

I have never been in a country that is so different and versatile than Turkey. I have been in Istanbul and Cappadokia and it was so different from everything I have ever known. But what I also like is the cultural mix there. Even in Istanbul, you can find european & asian influences and it is amazing how the country developed over the years.

The Food
Eating traditional food is essential for me, to really dive in deep into a new culture and OMG, the food we had in Turkey was incredible delicious! If you are vegan or vegetarian, make sure to check out my „What to eat in Turkey

Beautiful landscape
I was especially impressed by the breathtaking landscape in Cappadocia. I wish I could go back and go for a like four week hike there, just to enjoy the stunning landscape.

The people
The people in Turkey are not only really open-minded and friendly, but also 100% hospitable. I have never met such nice people in my life who made me feel welcome and like home in a foreign country.

The Great Bazaar
This was one of my highlights of our experiences in Turkey. The smell of all the different spices, the colours and everything you can see and taste there. Yes, you can taste most of the food they offer there. My favourite was and still is lokum. You can try it with different flavours – the one I liked the best, is with coconut and chocolate filling. Have you ever tried it? If yes, which one is your favourite flavour?

There are still so many places in Turkey, I would love to visit. Have you ever been in some other places than Istanbul and Cappadocia? If yes, please tell me! I would love to read all your travel inspirations. If you still want to see more of my adventure in Turkey, check out my video down below.
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl


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