Myths about Manifesting

Manifesting is about co-creating with the Universe. You can´t just pray, meditate, sit back and expect it to happen. You have to do your part of the work – so take action!

Action without Intention
Whatever we do, and whatever we wanna achieve, we have to set the right intention behind every single action, in order to achieve the best outcome. I heard this quote once: Action without intention is meaningless and intention without action is impactless. Always remember that where intention goes, energy flows. When we manifest our dreams and the best reality we can think of, we need selfawareness, attention and focus

Manifastion has nothing to do with magic
Finding out what you really wanna do or have in life is nothing but easy. However, believe me that you will get whereever you want to be. But this place / this state of life might not be the same as you have imagined it. Always remember that even a dirty road, the hardest climb can lead to the most awesome view. There are so many ways to reach a goal and maybe you are already on the way to it. You just do not recognize it yet.

Only manifesting things
The more you focus on material things, the more likely life will let you down. Money and success won´t fill you with happiness, you are just postponing it. Life is all about the process, and with it, the success comes naturally. Do not try to be famous, instead, focus on the quality of relationships, improving your mental state and making an impact while doing something meaningful. I promise you, the universe will reward you for it.

I know that for some people manifesting is only esoteric nonsense, but believe me that it is not. Manifesting and trusting the Universe is the only way to real happiness. If you haven´t already started you own personal spiritual journey, make sure to check out my blog post about it here.
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

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