Travel Diary: Mykonos

The problem with Greece is that it is just too beautiful.

Who remembers my post about this years bucketlist? If not, click here to check it out. Because now in April, I can tick off my second destination: Greece. I spent the week before easter on beautiful Mykonos and with this post I wanna outline the highlights of this trip and share some tips to get the most out of your time there!

Getting there & Accomodation

My boyfriend and I flew from Vienna to Mykonos Airport. The airport is really centered on the island and most of the hotels are not that far away. We booked an aparatement in advance – Vila Vasilis. I can totally recommend staying there if you do not want to spent that much money on accomodation (remember that staying in Mykonos is quite expensive!!). Eventhough, it got really cold at night, the housekeeper was so friendly and gave as three blankets to stay warm and offered a free shuttle service from the airport. A supermarket and bakery is also just 5 minutes away. Because it is not easy to save money when eating out in Mykonos (nearly every meal is around 14€), we were really happy to have our own kitchen to cook dinner ourselves.

What to do & What to see 

  • Mykonos Town: This small town is really beautiful and right next to the sea. I loved it so much walking through the narrow streets and spending my time doing some window-shopping. One tip I just HAVE to share with you is the shop called #Happiness, which is an amazing photospot! Scroll down a bit if you wanna take a look!
  • Little Venice: Is a part of Mykonos town and I can totally recommend you, going there in the evening to enjoy an ice-cold drink while watching the sunset over the water.
  • Windmills: Mykonos is quite famous for its windmills. Two of them are my favourites and probably the most famous ones. Kato Mili, with a wonderful view over Little Venice and Boni´s Windmill, from where you can see over Mykonos town.
  • Armenistis Lighthouse: With just a twenty minute ride from Mykonos town and from there you can get a great view over the Middle Sea and the beautiful landscape of Mykonos.
  • Ano Mera: Only 8km away from Mykonos town you can find the nicest and most traditional little village in Mykonos. In the centre you can find a lot of restaurants and if you are there, make sure to visit the monastery, Panagia Tourliani.
  • All the beautiful beaches: In Mykonos you can find so many breathtaking beaches, however, Fokos Beach was one of my favourites. However, if you are more interested in parties and enjoying the sun with a cocktail in one hand, and ice cream in the other one, go to Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach.
  • Church of Panagia Paraportiani: Sadly when we were there, the church itself was closed, however, the church itself is really beautiful from the outside. But make sure to be there early in the morning, to get the most out of it without that many tourists!

Tips & Tricks for Mykonos

If you dream about an adventure in Mykonos or already booked your flight there, here are a few hacks to have the best time on this great island

  • Book an apartement with a kitchen in order to save some money as Mykonos is really expensive when it comes to eating out.
  • Rent a car. There are so many car and bike rental options in Mykonos. We booked our car at Hercules Car Rental and it was really cheap (35€ for a day) and the staff was so friendly, we even got the car on the same day!
  • Wake up early! I know that when we are on holiday, we sometimes want to sleep in, however, waking up early in the morning and be at the most famous photospots before anyone else, is the best you can do for the perfect picture (#doitforthegram).

I really hope you liked this post and it got you into the right mood for summer?! Because now after these five days I am totally ready for summer. Have you ever been to Mykonos or any other greek island? It was my first time in Greece (one of my favourite destinations on this years bucketlist) and I would really like to travel back as soon as possible.
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

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