Favourite Places in and around Tyrol – Part I

I always lived in Tyrol (except from the five months, I spent in Vienna) and eventhough, I kinda know that I will not live here forever, I love it. I really enjoy being so close to nature, to be surrounded by the mountains and some awesome sightss are just a few hours away by car. With this post I wanna share my favourite onces with you.

Reintaler See / Berglsteiner See
Just around 1,5 hours away from Innsbruck you can get to the Reintaler See with the bus. It is a really beautiful lake, but even more I liked the Berglsteiner See – only 45 minutes away and it is a really nice walk there! It is quite a small lake but beautiful and absolutely calming. I was there in March and so there were not that many people which made the whole trip even more relaxing.

Lago di Braies
I found this place on Instagram around two years ago and since then I always wanted to be there. My boyfriend and I went there in March and I can recommend you not to do the same as the lake was still covered in ice and snow. However, it was still really beautiful and I really want to travel there a second time in summer or autumn. If you want, you can also check out my blogpost about my trip there here.

This lake is also a real famous place on Instagram and since I went there last year, I totally know why. The place is really beautiful and if you go for a walk, a bit away from the crowds, it is also calming and relaxing. In summer you can also rent a boat and in several blogposts, I read about some natural pools close to the lake.

Eventhough, this small town is a bit far away from Tyrol – it is close enough to get there in one day and back! Yes, Hallstatt is a bit overcrowded but it is still really beautiful and I really liked the view from the other side of the lake over Hallstatt. If you are interested in Hallstatt and think about heading there by yourself, then check out my post about this cute little town here.

I hope you liked today travel post, and I already started to make a second part of the “Beautiful places in and around Tyrol” series. Have you ever been in Tyrol or close to it? If you have any recommandations, please let me know in the comments as I already look for new travel inspiration!
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

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