For all creators

“People are creators. But I doubt that many realize this. We are not meant to go out into the world and find flawless things, we are not meant to sit down and have flawless things fall into our laps.”

-C. JoyBell C.

We are all creators, everything we do, with every moment, we create something. When we create something, we put some part of our soul out into this world. Why? A creators does not create for applause, likes or money. A real creator creates because he just has to do! When you feel the urge to create something special to you and you have the feeling that you HAVE to do it, then this post is for you.

Even if it sometimes seems to be impossible to create something because there is something inside of you that blocks your creativity. Forget that voice inside of you, telling you, you can´t! Because when you are a photographer and the light is bad – deal with it. When you are a singer / songwriter and you have a sore throat – write a song or a melodie. Whatever it is, that is stopping you, believe me, it is all just inside your head!

“This is not good enough”, “there are better pictures, songs, stories,…” do you sometimes tell sentences like this to yourself? Forget being perfect and start being real! Make something, even if you do not like it that much! Being a creator is about being consistent and determined to put your sould out into this world. There are pictures on my instagram, I do not like that much (anymore), however, they are a part of my past that shaped me to who I am and helped me grow. When I only strive for perfection and only put my work out, when I think it is perfect, then I will never ever do it.

Start with calling yourself an artist, even if you are just a beginner. I personally call myself a writer and photographer. I love to take pictures and strive for the best shot. In addition, since I am able to write, I love to create stories in my head and spill my heart and soul on a piece of paper. However, since a few years, writing starting to become not that easy for me anymore. Why? Because I was alway comparing my ideas, my stories to all the stories out there in the world and mine was never as good as them! So I stopped writing and this decision was the worst one I have ever made! A writer has to write! It made me so unhappy that I decided to come back and start writing again. First, just for myself but I know that there will come a time, when I am ready to put my work out for others again! And it feels so good to write again and lose myself in creativity. Why? Because I am a writer!
The same is with photography, for a long time, I thought that I am not good enough but to be honest, it doesn´t matter. I am a photographer because I love to take photos, and with every picture I take, I get better and better.

Be proud of what you are doing and alway be true to who you are. Don´t comare yourself or your work to others and strive for catching real emotions instead of striving for perfection!
I hope this post might help some of you and if it motivates you to create anything, please let me know in the comments or tag me on instagram, etc. (whereever you share your work). And feel free to check out my instagram (sus.annie).
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

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