Lago di Braies

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better

-Albert Einstein

This lake was on my bucketlist for a really long time. I found this place on instagram and since then I really wanted to travel there. The lake is in south tyrol and only 2,5 hours away from where I live.

Because my boyfriend and I do not own a car, we took the train an then the bus to get there. There is a special ticket for 15€ per person and with it, you can take any regional bus or train in south tyrol 24hours. We did not know that before, so we paid much more (around 40€ each)
We got to the lake quite early (around 9am) and so there were only a few people there. Later the day the place got a bit crowded as many tourists arrived. I cannot imagine, how many people will be there in summer!!

Eventhough the area around the lake is really beautiful, I was a bit disappointed because the lake was still covered in snow and ice. I knew that this would be possible, however, I did not want to believe that by the end of March, there would still be that much snow. We made the best out of it and went for a walk around the lake, took some pictures and later had a coffee in a hotel right next to the lake.
I really liked it there, and although, I am happy to tick this place off my bucketlist, I will for sure go back in May or even late summer to enjoy the real beauty of the Lago di Braies.

Have you ever been to the Lago di Braies? If not, it definitely should be on your list. I cannot wait to explore more beautiful places around my area and a few adventures are still planned and yet to come!
Lots of Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

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