Reading February

This month I was able to find some time to enjoy reading some really good books, however, I was not able to read as much as I wish. I also bought some new books on which I had my eyes on for far too long, so hopefully, I can read a few of them in March! I got them online on the website rebuy. On this webside you can buy used books for a really cheap price (sometimes only 69 cents per book), so make sure to take a look!

Mitten im Sturm – Jessica Winter
This ebook is only available in german but I can totally recommend it to you as the story is really well written. The book is about sexual abuse, loss, love and friendship. I read it during my flight to Istanbul and could not put it down.

Into the Wild – John Krakauer
This book is quite famous and have already read it once a few years ago. However, this time I dived in quite deep in the topic and again, it was a great book. I can recommend it to everyone who is interested in adventures, being outdoors and feeling close to your surroundings. Another book from John Krakauer should also be on your reading list – Into Thin Air. It is about Krakauer´s own experience of the disaster on the Mount Everest.

Manifesting 101 – Kristina Haupenthal
This is an ebook by one of my favourite instagrammers/youtubers kris_the_cat. It is available in german and english on Amazon and if you are interested in the Law of Attraction and manifesting your dream life, you have to read this book and dive in deep into this topic. This book helped me so much to find out more about this amazing topic and it really helps to integrate affirmations better in your life.

I am currently searching for some new books, so please let me know your favourite books about work-life balance, entrepreneurship and living in peace. But I also need some new novels and thrillers. So please share any book recommandation that comes to your mind!

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