In girls we trust

She was powerful, not because she wasn´t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.


Happy Women´s day to each and everyone out there. I want to dedicate this post to every woman out there. Never forget how strong and powerful you are and you should always remember your own strength. With this post, I do not want to claim, how poor we girls are and how unfair we are treated. However, I want to say, that I believe in you and your dreams and you should do.

Real Queens fix each other’s Crowns

Alone we are not as strong as together. We have to support each other, in order to really make a change in today´s world. Because of instagram I met so many amazing women all around the world and each and everyone makes such an amazing change in this world.

What makes me really sad is, that too often we look at ourselves full of hate and insecurities. Nobody is perfect; not the people we see in advertisements or on social media. We have to accept our own body and personalities. Yes, we have cellulite. Yes, we are emotional sometimes. Yes, we lose, we win, we fight and we cry. Accepting who we are, is the only way to finally get in peace with ourselves. Try to start loving yourself and look in the mirror – being proud of what you see.

Quite often we talk about other people´s back and put them down. Why? Maybe, because we expect to feel better and we want to overshadow our own problems. But this will not change anything. Believe me, I have been there and I can honestly say, that you get what you give. Try to support other women, instead of hating and telling lies about eacht other. In girls we trust, is one of my favourite quotes about girl power and I cannot say too often that we have to stand next to each other, lift them up and see life not as a competition.

I hope you celebrate today (man and woman). Because we should always support each other. The world needs both: Man and woman. Like in every aspect of life, balance is key and the world needs us all. I wanna end this post with a quote about one of the most powerful woman, who was able to change the whole fashion industry and how woman should see themselves.

Love & Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl

A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants to be!

Coco Chanel

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