Start your Spiritual Journey

Some of you might already know that I started my own spiritual journey a few months ago. Seeking inner peace and connecting to the Universe might sound weird and strange for some people but it really helped me to see life different and achieve my goals. I believe that most people feel completly overwhelmed when it comes to start a spiritual journey on their own, so I thought that most you might be interested in a blog post sharing my personal tips, inspiring accounts and some important facts.

We are taught that our answers are somewhere out there, so in order we look for some external stimulus to find enlightenment and awakeness. However, the home you are seeking for and the feeling you are craving is and has always been inside of you.
So my first advice to you is to go within. You can do this by meditating, doing yoga and talking to other like-minded people. I know these influences are also external but this honestly, is no problem as long as you use it as an inner support to listen carefully to your intuition.

To build up your personal spiritual routine and practice you can easily look for answers on the internet. Although, I believe that there are some valuable tips out there, you should not do anything that does not feel right inside of you. Start with being present in the NOW – do not worry about the future and try not to hold on to the past. Do not avoid any negativ thoughts, let them come but do not try to control them.

To get through the hardest journey, we need to take only one step at a time. But we must keep on stepping.

-Chinese Proverb

This chinese proverb sums up perfectly to be present in the NOW. Focus on your breath as it cannot be anywhere elsewhere than in the present moment. Inhale and exhale deeply to be more relaxed and believe me, it will get easier to solve any problems in life.
My personal tip is to breathe in and out five times before you react to any triggering situation.

Under feelings like anger, anxiety and emotional pain are the important core issues – a combination of heart, body and mind. „I am unworthy“ can be such a core issue and beliefs like this can influent your life and how you treat yourself and others. When you walk on the spiritual path, you will realise that you are perfect as you are and you do not need to change anything to be accepted and loved.
However, it takes patience and practise to love yourself and grow spiritually. The most important part is to accept your situation. Your spiritual journey will not fix anything but it can support you to face the core issues and solve them.
Don´t try to get anywhere and achieve a goal. Give your mind and soul time to adjust. Meditate and give yourself time to find all the answers you need within. Learn to listen to your inner voice and the truth you wanna see will unfold right before your eyes.

I know that it is not always easy to find your inner voice and listen to it; sometimes it can be quite difficult to find time in everyday´s life. It always helps me to get inspired through some of the most amazing and raw people on social media out there. I know that these people also face real difficulties and have their own ups and downs, however, listening to their tips and personal story really helps me to go and find the answers by myself. Although, you possibly already know them, I will link their instagram account down below (some of them also have a blog or youtube channel, so make sure to check that all out!).

  • Claire Michelle: Her instragram account (plantifulsoul) was one of the first accounts I followed while beginning my spiritual journey. Claire´s way of life, her art and poetry is so inspiring and unique. You also should definitely check out her youtube channel (link here), as her videos are one of the most inspiring ones I know.
  • Kris_the_Cat: She is such a lovely girl from germany and I really feel a deep connection to her words. She also wrote an ebook about the Law of Attraction which I can recommend to everyone of you. Her instagram feed is pure art itself and her youtube videos are informative and inspiring. She is such a lovely soul and I get so inspired by following her story towards selflove and intuitive living.
  • Annie Tarasova: Annie is an amazingly talented artist from Australia and because of her I dived deeper into the topic of manifesting your dreams and following your intuition. Her account on instagram is literally goals and I really admire her art which she sells on etsy. She also created the book „a year of growth“ and several decks of affirmation cards – make sure to take a look. Also her videos on youtube about spirituality, veganism and travelling are amazing and worth a look!

Your circle of friends must match your own aspirations and dreams, or you will find little support when you need it most.

-Leon Brown

Sometimes the path of spiritual growth can feel a bit lonely as not that many people will walk it with you. In fact, some people will make fun of you or talk behind your back. That is why I love social media – because of it I am able to connect to so many great and inspiring people. There are so many amazing people out there and even if you feel lonely now, your whole situation can be different in months or weeks. Just stick to your personal beliefs, move forward and focus on your inner growth; believe me, when I say that the right and supporting people will come into your life when you expect it the least.

I hope you liked today´s blogpost, eventhough it got a bit longer than I expected. However, I am convinced that this topic is so interesting and this post shall only be the beginning as I wanna talk more about my own spritual journey and also share uplifting accounts and facts about the Law of Attraction (I already wrote a post about it, click here to check it out), listening to your intuition and connecting to your inner child and the Universe. Feel free to share your personal thoughts about the topic of inner growth and let me know, other topics you are interested about.

Love and Light,
your Wonderlustgiirl


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