Food Guide Vienna

Eventhough I am really happy with my decision to leave Vienna and move back to Innsbruck, I know that I will miss all the amazing restaurants, bakeries and coffee places. In these five months I lived here in Vienna, I had the chance to try out some of them. Here are my all time favourites:

Simply Raw Bakery
For people who follow a vegan or raw diet, or just for someone who likes to eat healthy and light, this lovely bakery in the first district of Vienna, is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or have a nice break in between. They have several sweet and savory meals and simply the best are the raw cupcakes they offer.

Only 3minutes away from Brass Monkey you can find this little coffee place. They offer different cakes, tartlets and muffins every new week. Eventhough, it is not that big, every visit is totally worth it. I can totally recommend you, to try the vegan peanut butter cake or the chocolate brownie.

Das Glashaus
This charming restaurant is in the second district, just next to where I lived. It is a bit more expensive but the food there is really delicious and the interior there is just amazing. They have also vegetarian dishes on their menu and I can really recommend to try the pumkin risotto – it is delicious!

Brass Monkey
This place is really small and they are famous for their cupcakes. They also always have on or two vegan options, like the peanutbutter one I had when I was there.

Fett & Zucker
This café is in the 2nd district not far away from the station “Taborstraße”. If you go there, you definitly have to try their vegan carrot cake, it is simply the best one I have ever tasted!

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