My Solo Adventures

Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life changing experience of your life

I am loving the encouraging, vivid feeling of travelling. It leaves me speechless, makes me feel happy and alive. Every travel experience is an adventure itself, however, travelling solo taught me so many things about myself, life and the value of it. I already wrote a blogpost about the reasons why I love travelling on my own, click here to read it and hopefully get inspired! This time I want to share with you my most exciting adventures I had while I discovered some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Copenhagen, Denmark
This was my first solo trip and OMG, I felt so lonely and lost. However, I loved it anyway. I was there for about a week and it was really exciting. I loved to be independent and free. I could do whatever I want and I liked to just sit in a café and enjoy a good cup of coffee while watching others and writing in my journal.

Valletta, Malta
This was my second adventure where I was an independet traveller, only two months after my trip to Copenhagen. This time it was not so much about sightseeing and more about relaxing and enjoying the heat and the sea.

London & Italy
This was my longest solo travel. First I flew to London where I spent 5 awesome days. Afterwards I took a plane straight to Rome. The following week was an amazing experience. I bought myself the interrail ticket for Italy and traveled from Rome to Cinque Terre, to Venice and then home. I loved the mixture of this adventure and I cannot believe that I was brave enough to do it.

Dublin, Ireland
Last year in February I flew to Dublin to spent a few days there. But I did not only stayed in the city, I also did some day trips to Northern Ireland and Galway. I booked these tours over and I just can highly recommened it to each and everyone. I loved Ireland for its beautiful landscape, culture and amazingly friendly people.

New York, New York
This was my biggest and most exciting adventure I have ever gone off. It was my first time outside of Europe and since I watched Gossip Girl I always wanted to be in New York. I still cannot believe I was there and even I have been there for 10 days I have to admit, ten days where simply not enough. Maybe you are also thinking about travelling to New York City, so I will link my travel guide for this amazing city here and if you are looking for some delicious food inspo, click here.

I hope you liked this little throwback to my solo adventures. Hopefully it inspired you and please feel free to let me know in the comments which your favourite solo travel experience was or if you plan on in the future!

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