Be Grateful

Learn to be grateful
for what you already have,
while you pursue
all that you want

It is easy to be grateful when life is going well and we are happy with it. But it is a lot harder to welcome everyday with gratitude if we are not where we wanna be or we long for something we do not have.

If you want to find happiness, find gratitude


We too often believe that happiness comes with success and achieving our goals, however, only satisfication and pride comes along with achievement. Happiness comes gratitude and being in peace with every situation. It might seem ridiculous that happiness goes hand in hand with practising gratitude, but you can trust my words: Being grateful is the key to long lasting happiness. You need to practice gratitude daily, also when you do not feel like it and there seems to be nothing to be grateful for.

First of all, every evening sit down and write at least three things you are thankful for. This can be friends, good food or simply that someone gave up his seat in the bus for you. It does not matter, what it is.

“Thank you” is the best prayer anyone could say

-Alice Walker

Secondly, replace an apology with saying thank you. Instead of saying “I am sorry I am late” say “Thanks for waiting for me”. This is not only a kind way of speaking, it is also positive self-talk towards yourself. This positive interaction can increase your sense of belonging and can make you feel more cheerful.

My third hack to be more appreciative, is to slow down and do everything full-hearted. Do not eat in a rush, instead sit down and eat with joy. Do not try to do everything all together, focus on one task after the other. Be present in every single moment and at the end of the day, you will find yourself being more happy and grateful for what you have.

Life´s best lessons seemt to be learned the worst times


When experience something bad and you find yourself in a bad mood or unpleasant situation, look for the lesson behind it and appreciate the chance to grow and change.

I hope that this post inspired you to give gratitude a shot and maybe it will change your way of thinking fundamentally, as this happened to me. I stopped taking everything for granted and now I do not search for happiness anywhere, because I know I already carry it in my heart. You cannot say “Gratitude is not something for me” because being grateful is a skill, a way of thinking, everyone can develope by practising it on a regular basis.

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