Bucketlist 2019

Once a year go some place
where you have never been before
-Dalai Lama

Last year I also wrote a bucketlist and I can proudly say that I went to every place on it except from Greece! New York, London,… all of these places where on my list and I do not know how but fortunately I got the opportunity to travel there in 2018. So I also wanted to send my travel-wishlist to the Universe this year. We will see what may happen this time!

I am so happy that this adventure is planned and the flight already booked. This February my boyfriend and I are off for this amazing travel experience. Since years I wanted to travel there and in 2019 this dream will finally come true!

South East Asia
I have only been outside of Europe once when I was in New York City, so I would love to tick off more continents from my list. It may sound a bit cheesy but I would love to chase waterfalls, go for hikes through the jungle and learn to surf on this adventure. Hopefully, I will be able to turn this into reality soon.

Since I could not travel there in 2018 I hope to finally get there this year. I am honestly not sure, where exactly I wanna go, so I am looking forward to your recommandations in the comments.

When I was in Sweden and Denmark over 2 years ago, I fell in love with northern countries. It is not only the landscape there, it is also their mentality which fascinated me. This year I would love to travel to Norway, however, I am still struggling if I should go to Bergen or Oslo.

These are just some places I want to visit in 2019 and I wish to travel to all of them and hopefully, to many more! Travelling makes me really happy everytime. The feeling of freedom

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