This was 2018

I honestly do not know where to start this blog because so much had happened this year. Now that 2018 is close to an end I am asking myself some questions: Was it a good year? What experiences shaped me? Is there something I regret? What was the best and the worst decision? Would I change something if I could?

In 2018 I travelled a lot. I flew to Ireland in cold February and for the first time in my life I travelled to a city outside of Europe on lost my heart there. New York City was one of the best adventures yet and it was so relieving and uplifting to be there on my own.

My mum and I spent four days in beautiful Venice and I loved every minute with her there.
I also spent two weeks in Oxford and spent some time in London. Although, I was attending a summer school program there, I had a lot of fun and met some great people.

Royal Palace

In September I traveled to Budapest with my boyfriend. It was our first adventure after a year we have been apart (he was in Cambodia for a year). We always loved to travel together and it was so great to finally explore a new city again. I can definitely recommend Budapest, there are so many cute bistros and lovely places to check out.

In late autumn/winter wasn´t that much time to travel a lot, but I found some time for two amazing daytripts. One to Hallstatt, Austria and the other one to Bratislava (link!!). I found out that you do not need to travel far away; sometimes you just have to pack your stuff and have a small break from your daily routine.

If we were meant to stay
in one place
we would have roots
instead of feet

In 2018 I moved around way too often. After moving out from my parents home last fall, I moved back in with them in February 2018. After half a year I moved out again; this time to Vienna, where I currently live and study. Although, it was always my biggest dream to live here, I feel lost and alone at University. That´s the reason why I changed my plans (again) and decided to move back to Innsbruck, my hometown around February 2019. In between all the moving and changing my address, I found out that home is not about a city or a fancy apartement. There is so much more about who you share it with to make a house/an apartement to feel like home!

One of my favourite experiences this year was definitely the Ed Sheeran Concert in August. He is one of my favourite singers and I still cannot believe that I got the chance to see him performing live. This was my second concert I have ever been and I loved it so much that I cannot wait to go to more concerts next year.
Another memory I really do not want to forget is my helicopter flight over New York City and great adventures in Tyrol.

Here is to the night´s
we won´t remember
and the friends
we won´t forget

Yes, there were some sad moments. I lost friends and felt lonely. But all of these experiences made me to the person I am today. They showed me that in every situation I have to be true to myself. There is this quote you might have already seen the years before just with different numbers. But this year, I guess, it really describes my current situation and I am looking forward what 2019 will bring me

2016 changed me
2017 broke me
2018 opened my eyes
2019 I am coming back

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